The real stories of people with addictions

Today I have been encouraged to tell the story of my best friend, a boy with whom I shared from my childhood, I don’t remember exactly what happened between our relationship of friendship, but I remember that for a time we take different paths, he called attention to the world of the vices, the consumption of drugs and alcohol. And to me, I called attention to the always do sports and focus on my studies to enter a good university, because my dream was always to be an architect.

They spent about two years, more or less, in those who had not had any kind of contact with my childhood friend and a good day when he returned to the university, in the hallway of the car of a train that always traveled to get home, I saw a young person desmallada fully and with the appearance of being a homeless person.I looked at him for a moment and did not recognize the person, when I went to follow my path something in my head shot and a voice inside me said “look good” “you know” and in fact look again, but this time with more curiosity and there he was, fainted from so many drugs and alcohol that he had consumed.

I picked it up and took it into the house, when he regained consciousness gave him something to eat and began to cry like a child, I began to tell everything that had happened to him and why he was in this situation. This is a good friend of mine has always struggled with addictions since his adolescence, he had attended multiple centers of rehabilitation, but in short periods of time returned again to fall. There were so many times that it was a good day almost, I decided to give up, not before making my last attempt to help and I found the website of Morningside Recovery immediately i got in touch with the admissions personnel, which I can say that it has been the best attention that I have received in my life and decided their family and i take it immediately.

Have already been fulfilled approximately six months since he finished his treatment and in all this time, my best childhood friend has been able to put his life, is now happy, enjoy more of the little things in life, their families and the new friends he has always done this by encouraging and I can say with certainty that this rehabilitation center saved the life of my brother’s soul.


Reasons to apply for online alcohol awareness course

Alcohol awareness training and TAM card are two vital things to obtain in case you are interested in the hospitality sector. According to the law of Nevada, seller, bartender, and server of any alcoholic beverages require a TAM card for their profession. Even if you work in a retail shop selling alcohol or if you work as a security guard in a bar, then also, you require an alcoholic awareness training to secure the TAM card.  Now the question is how to get that awareness certificate?

Today, in digital era everything is possible with the help of the internet. In your busy schedule, you still have the opportunity to finish the alcoholic awareness course online. Read More to find out how it is possible.

There are many websites that offer online courses in various fields and topics. Similarly, you will get a plenty of sites that provide awareness certification course at your convenience. Make sure to choose an online course approved by the Nevada commission on Postsecondary education. Thankfully, online courses meet the entire requirements of classroom courses and students find eLearning more effective than the conventional method of teaching.

Why should you opt for online alcohol awareness course?

The major benefit of online awareness course is that you can opt for it from your home. You only require a high-speed internet connection and a laptop to continue the study program. There’s no difference in course material. Students who attend the classroom training will get the same certificate and will also obtain the same knowledge that you can gain sitting at your own home.

The online course gives the liberty to select your course timing and shift. You may be occupied during the weekdays and want to utilize your weekends by completing the course. Online studies allow you to manage your hectic schedule and you also can acquire a certificate efficiently.

The place can never be a hindrance for a learner like you with this eLearning method. Whether you are in the city or in a different country, your current location has nothing to do with online courses. The only thing that helps you peruse your dream is your passion, dedication, and tenacity to achieve your target.

Students can easily keep their focus intact on online studies as it is flexible. They actively participate, interact with the mentor, and also get to clear their doubts during the training session. An online course allows the students to get fully involved in the training. For the millennial learners, eLearning is the easiest method and they find it more engaging, exciting, and informative.

If you consider hospitality industry as your prospective career choice then this training is a must. It will help you juggle between serving quality food and gaining customer satisfaction at the same time. With this proper training, it will be easier for you to handle the rigorous jobs with perfection.