Hand Mixer


The electric hand mixers were used for the purpose of blending, mixing & creaming various ingredients together. Chefs, bakers, patisseries, or people who want to cook at their home can use the electric hand mixer. The electric hand mixer was extremely useful in our kitchen hold activities if we use it properly. It can able to blend different type of mixtures together to get lumps out from the mixtures in a very fast and smooth way, most and even better than what a human can perform with their hand.

Uses and Main Parts of the Electric Hand Mixer

The electric hand mixer invented probably because people felt the need to have the machine mix together their ingredients while they are making a cake, cookies, pies, or other foods that needed the ingredients to be blended. Now-a-days the hand mixer was using by people a lot, they are purchasing by reading the previous hand mixer reviews and getting a lot of good information about the product.

The electric hand mixer was made up of 2 whisks, motors which create a machine, buttons, plastic, metal, and possibly a wire.

Working Mechanism of Hand Mixer

  • Electric hand mixer was been operated with some forces they are:The whisks violently spiraling around in the circles to mix and properly stir and the arm rotation which will applies the downward pressure and holding the bowl down
  • The energy changes which take place while the electric hand mixer is in the usage are:
  1. kinetic energy when the whisks start to spin around in the circles, kinetic energy when arm rotates
  2. Electric energy which goes through electric outlet to machine
  • The electric hand mixer’s motions are circular & swirling strokes, while forcing into the mixture. Also, the arm will moves around in cycles in the process of mixing.

There are so many hand mixers now-a-days in the market with different brands, but one should go through the hand mixer reviews which are written by the previous users and purchase the good quality of the product.