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Eyebrow Grooming Tips

Shaped eyebrows will give you a well-groomed look. Learn the best technique for grooming your eyebrows, including tweezing, waxing and brushing.

Nicely shaped eyebrows go a long way toward accenting beautiful eyes. It’s one of the first things you notice about a person’s face, in a good or bad way. You can tweeze, brush, wax, spray or pencil your brows, but make sure you’re doing what looks best for your face, and don’t overdo any technique or you risk looking clownish rather than beautiful. Here’s how to decide what to do.

Shape not too thick or long, and please, no unibrows. You want to be able to see the beginning and end of your brows from a distance. If you’re thin on the ends, try filling in with a good brow shadow and brush, or opt for permanent makeup. The brow should start in line with your inner eye and continue to the outer corner. That’s it. Hair between the eyes or way past the outer corner needs to go. Generally, a slight arch in about the middle of your brow is flattering.

Trimming tweezing is free and easy, and as long as you only grab the hair, not the skin, painless. The trick with tweezing is not taking more than necessary. Draw an imaginary line, and only tweeze below it. Remember that the root of a hair may be blow the line, but the end of it may be a necessary part of the shape you want to keep. Be cautious when selecting hairs for tweezing.

If you regularly have quite a bit of eyebrow hair to remove, a professional waxing will be easiest. It’s fast, affordable and you can avoid ugly accidents by letting a salon do the work.

Styling Now that your brows are groomed, pay a bit of attention to them when you’re applying makeup. Use a small brush and brush the hairs up so they don’t hang down below your arch and to keep them neat. You can use a light coat of clear mascara to hold them in place and give a finished look.