Know the basics about infertility to face it with correct treatment

Infertility is not a disease which could not be cured but in fact it could be done only if the person has the guts to accept it. Usually, the male who is infertile will not be ready to accept the fact. But in this matter, only acceptance will lead you to solution. Infertility in women refers to the inability to become pregnant and in male it refers to the inability to make a woman pregnant. The condition where a male is said to be infertile is termed as male infertility. The man need not wait for one year for his partner to get pregnant in order to know about the infertility. There are many symptoms through which a male can identify that he is infertile. The first symptom is the sexual dysfunction. This is to deal with the erection. If he cannot erect it for long time strongly then difficulties arise in the penetration. This leads the man to be unable to impregnate a woman. Endocrine dysfunction is another symptom through which a man can come to know whether he is infertile or not. Endocrine system contains different kinds of endocrine glands. These endocrine glands join hands with nervous system to perform functions in the body. They are responsible for the development and growth of our body. They also regulate metabolism, mood, puberty and tissue functioning. So if this endocrine does not function well then there is every possibility of the man to be infertile. Then there is one more factor which is termed as varicocele function. This is regarding the veins in the sperms. If the veins of the sperms are enlarged then it is also a sign of being infertile.

Identify the causes in infertility to take a new step towards life

There are different causes for a man to be infertile. It may depend on his body condition or his eating habits or his living conditions. If a person is drug addict or alcoholic or even smoker, then this could be a reason for being infertile. Untimely diet, obesity, stress can also be the reason behind infertility. Ageing is another cause where a man becomes unable to impregnate a woman. Therefore accept the factor to get rid of such infertility issues.