The real stories of people with addictions

Today I have been encouraged to tell the story of my best friend, a boy with whom I shared from my childhood, I don’t remember exactly what happened between our relationship of friendship, but I remember that for a time we take different paths, he called attention to the world of the vices, the consumption of drugs and alcohol. And to me, I called attention to the always do sports and focus on my studies to enter a good university, because my dream was always to be an architect.

They spent about two years, more or less, in those who had not had any kind of contact with my childhood friend and a good day when he returned to the university, in the hallway of the car of a train that always traveled to get home, I saw a young person desmallada fully and with the appearance of being a homeless person.I looked at him for a moment and did not recognize the person, when I went to follow my path something in my head shot and a voice inside me said “look good” “you know” and in fact look again, but this time with more curiosity and there he was, fainted from so many drugs and alcohol that he had consumed.

I picked it up and took it into the house, when he regained consciousness gave him something to eat and began to cry like a child, I began to tell everything that had happened to him and why he was in this situation. This is a good friend of mine has always struggled with addictions since his adolescence, he had attended multiple centers of rehabilitation, but in short periods of time returned again to fall. There were so many times that it was a good day almost, I decided to give up, not before making my last attempt to help and I found the website of Morningside Recovery immediately i got in touch with the admissions personnel, which I can say that it has been the best attention that I have received in my life and decided their family and i take it immediately.

Have already been fulfilled approximately six months since he finished his treatment and in all this time, my best childhood friend has been able to put his life, is now happy, enjoy more of the little things in life, their families and the new friends he has always done this by encouraging and I can say with certainty that this rehabilitation center saved the life of my brother’s soul.


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